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Carrier Command Reviews

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Order transporter be easy to one of my child's favourites. His stark learning curve will throw off most occasional players, but take the time to manage without pay without any stint. So what is he doing this play worth your time? Well, let's go lump it from the top.


even if order transporter has story, it's like this uninteresting at irrelevant to actual heat price play. In short, you head futuristic transporters and your imposition is to intercepted islands, expand your grid and in the end beat transporter opponent of that is of heads for do same. A simple presumption then, but it be but angular point glacier.

There are two amusing modes - action and strategy. If you start play for the first time, pick strategic mode how so will you allow look into plane glass surface. Action mode throws you right in pot belly animal so you need to be familiar with operating controls if did you to survived initial clash with enemy island before you.

A word of advice, as soon as you feel satisfied with operating controls and plane glass surface, restart play before attempting to beat friend. It's because of fact that the enemy transporter will start troll islands and expanding his nets from second that the play begins, and if you are not fast enough to (or you thinkthat the interval button isn't your friend), you fall behind thepoint where you will you-completely cut off.

There are geminate things, that need to be conscious of. Firstly, your transporter has on ship defences which you will have to get familiar with if you wish survive. Angular point mounted laser will your friend against enemy flying fish (aviations) and guided missiles long range. As soon as you feel comfortable you can also start using fume which will be defend you from incoming flying fish controlled fire into. There are also drone and guided missiles long range but leave you reveal it.

Actual heat price merry making begins as soon as you start using your on ship vehicles. You have you got flying fish (aviation) and walrus (amphibious) at your disposal at invading enemy islands or enemy transporters. Both they may be fitted plethora controlled fire into, bombs, scanner long range etc . as soon as you vehicle features you can make the bed it and then withdraw from verification. Control is be easy to and you will love it, especially flying flying fish. Nezapomeněte to fill is every time you land back or get one ex store. Getting vehicles into transporter is a little tricky. You will have to bring in it ex ship alone once vehicles is in range (and rather in gyropilot mode). It's a little tricky but you get hill - side from that quickly.

Once you have mastered control of your transporter and on ship vehicles, you be ready to go out and start expanding your nets islands. One of more secret part games is restocking ship with firing and supplies. Make it, you first you must be conscious of matterthat the there are tří kinds islands - defences, sources and plants. Important role is that you can only resupply from island which be attached to your island reserves through net. You may see survey sources nets on your map look. This will play to pivotal share in your strategy. You have to do it well or you run out of fuel and in principle game is over on that point. Also, at attacking islands, be aware ofthat the they've boundless quantity aviation and controlled fire into, so you will need to got out of range and then start attack your. You can implore co - ordinate your attack and defense all of a sudden, but I only advise this by experienced players.

As soon as you feel your share are biggies enough to, to called upon enemy transporter, you can try and knock down it. If you looking at report trunk, you you can approximate his position depending on island it assaulted last. Set title direction hereto and if everything goes well, you win the game!

Graphic art

although very simple at a single glance, I thinkthat the graphic art rarely well tamper with play. Keep on memoirs as though it is combination real - timové strategy, first person shooter and malingering. Catching up applicable plane glass surface for such heterogeneous main set wasn't easy, and I thinkthat the they are given only the right ones. Navigation through menu is straight forward and as soon as you get sensation for them, you you can move about different branchs rarely fast. In mine best gout was be capable of defend transporter and coordinate both airy and terrestrial attacks all of a sudden - firm proof as though it works well done : )

important matter to notice is that athat the of the whole environment is in full 3D. Flying your flying fish about and pursuance dogfight is much merry entertainment how years is smooth and teachable. Island outhouse also are easy recognize and single out. Simple and function is best description, namely works for me!


sound be something, what won't you auditory by many while you play to order transporter. There'll several buzzers and brands when you fire away lasers, etc, but no expect anything impressive. There be no also music. Is said much specific Atariova version had music, but I am not will never witnessed that myself.


This review be too out of focus, and me be well aware from that. A realist score they will in a row 3.5 - 4.5 because of lack sounds and somewhat stark learning curve, but I give that 5 regardless. I love this play, and so have you, and how criticthat the I have freedom to do that ; ) give it to rotation and if yet you thinkthat it%%= sucks after that, tell us why in forum!

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Realtime Games Software Ltd.


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