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čarodějnictví 1 je hra to bylo napsaná Andrew Greenberg a Robertem Woodheadem v roce 1981. To byl průkopník počítačových-hra


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Single-level memory vehicles, burning tires, explosive materials, and much epinephrine - all of these elements be through in small competition play named slaughter. Are you gutsy enough to, to felt your luck on race?

Fulfilment autos be too mixed up to be easy to identified - as far as at itthat it%%= be quick. Be set to go for standard figure One by car, as shown on screen logos. Tracks in those play be shown from down from top perspective. Every rung they are trying to single cathode - raytube, so no scrolling effects are needed, and you may see exactly where every one of your opponent of is. Your adversaries not have to be dressiest one, but they know, how drive. If one of them gains too much of lead - you can put aside victory. There's a but one way to qualify for next race: you need be number one on course.

General level problems games is not very high, but one smaller slip - up may lead to you piptonychia race. It can be frustrating when did you in command of, and you crash into to someone to the eye and lose your position. Some of these situation can be avoidance of, how play offers some illegal way to achieve leading position: You may use nitron- acceleration in to outran your oponentynebo place pit on course.

There are sixteen tracks in play, but I have to admit as though I ain't speed ill see them all. There are two sorts: classical circuits, and two-way road loops at each end. Every kind have its pros and cons. If course is classic, car which get into leading position after first lap is most likely to win race, how he may place pits to slackened next drivers. Pits will to displace after given time, that is of much shorter than average lap time. If you pass your prospect of first lap - probably you will not advance to the next race. Next type tracks is more complex, how autos they may encounter going in by other directions. In this case anything can happen; pits and rainfall should be avoidance of at any rate, because not much is needed hereto, shove driver on leadership list.

Among works your by car can be upgraded with your victories. You can improve drive, acceleration in-or rate of swelling. High - speed upgrade is apparent, but with regard to drive upgrade, I ain't got recorded no difference in working. In business you can also again- dodávat your pits and nitron share, how these elements be fixed in issue for whole tournament. You need use be wise or pay price.

Next to nothing can be set up in play election. You can choose single - or two- hráče, keyboard or joystick, and overstate keyboard keys. Last option isn't spared after leaving play, so you will probably reset keys every time you start play, how standard ones (X C - directions, in speed up) are not much comfortable.General slaughter do they really handsome play, and can hold you before monitor - ' only one more race ' - for some moments. Graphic art are distinct and although strains during race are run of the mill, they are not poisonous. If you will not chivy after several failure you will be able to try whether my much 4 for this play it's good well earned.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Warped Minds


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