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Captain dynamo was to biggest hero in his days. Now, he is retired and moonshine about the time when he was nightmare of each of swine. So when harum - scarum bad Austenova supply genius flyswatter steal tremendous amount precious stone, retired captain dynamo sees time - server to again buckler day! Exhumation his old costume, he heads for Vans flapper on mouchy - ovo fortified castle to retrive stolen goods. What seemthat the be fairly straight forward imposition, turns really unsightly when it becomes apparent that the bad madman placed vital traps everywhere after his house.

This play, produced by Codemasters in the year 1993, is classical platform play, where you begin at shaft bottom, and have to jump all the way to angular point. As soon as you achieve upside, you will being transported to the next level. In all there are 12 levels in those play - all equipped monsters and traps to made life poor for some /every /no retired superheterodyne receiver. While play starts somewhat easy, that suddenly change gear, and you find myself careful evaluation every single step you withdraw from. One false step, and did you toast. Captiain only superpower dynamo is high jumpthat the he may use to attained higher country. Has he no another force at all, so cannot kill enemy from afar. Only way to kill anything is to leapt on top of that.

Operating controls for play be truly a simple; you move with cursor keies, and jump with free place. To do extra jump, simply will give a back seat and space at the same time. There will also be headwaters located through level to help you achieve highers countries.

Captiain dynamo do they really handsome little games, with really sequenced and coloured animation and design, in conjunction with full cathy music. All work together bring pleasant playing will experience some /to everyone /no field. Only drawback to play is as though some parts level they may be but harum - scarum difficult (like rotary knives in level 2), but as soon as did you figured out trick, you would didn't have so much annoy next time, when you try it.

Satisfied playing!

Play IS playable below win XP, but no recommended. Making so causes music to disappear, and cathode - raytube can flit from time to time. Concerning VDMSOUND, music can be made if you listen choicely, but cathode - raytube always will flit. I'd recommend use DOSBOX.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Codemasters Software Company Limited, The


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