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Captain Comic - The Adventures of Reviews

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Wire belt on your space suits and prepare themselves be teleported right in world which expects. Everything isn't what it seems, and your imposition reclaiming stolen sums is to make difficult by many enemies, who lie captain comedian enters! It he is all right, that is captain comedian, sort of older hero long in the year 1988. It's comical platform play which show you what platform games be like back on a day. Well that were back on a day and even if wasn't there... (oh, I'm sorry; lyric moment.) continue by forward at all events and see what this title have to offer.

Story begin as captain comedian came over to planet Tambi renew treasures stolen from planets Omsoc. This simple presumption is in keeping with early days platform plaies; at least it has to a certain extent story, so that is plus. You will notice graphic art at once; there is not very on the part of sound also, special marks and bop everything you will hear, so prepare themselves for what's come in.

Graphically play looks good for its age. Cathode - raytube shows much colours for your sign, enemy, et al. environment as though you encountering. It come in handy to all round in this area; it is not magnificent, but keep in mind that it be released in the year 1988, that looks penalty. There always be much action on screen also, with by other enemies in different worlds you catch sight of, and sometimes this may be a little absolute with numbers which come on the you. It's especially apparent with enemy game suddenly manifestation when you jump, how be common with platform games time. Yet, that is manageable and mostly requires fast reflexed. Play alone is easy lift and start. In the end you start finding entries, and soon you end up in fortified castle where you will need main item them all, sacred crown.

As stated earlier, there is not very on the part of sound - or music withal. Play be but 88 Kb in size, that would seems a gist. I discredit this limps on play, though. Operating controls seem a little slack at the time, especially when skipping, so there can be spare time when you be promoted over basis. This is taking some getting used hereto, to, but it would not abided too long.

Yet, that was comical play namely be of interest to seen play named captain comedian. See if you can drive him on successful mission for planet Omsoc! Let's go hear it for planet Omsoc, no? Well, only play game then.

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Michael A. Denio


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