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Captain Bible in the Dome of Darkness Reviews

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' once there was to town long way from us on the spot and time, that were confined to dome night! Unnecessarily, Bible Corps fought to undid it of his captivity. They would have forlorn all trust but for one last agonised plan which applied for reinforcing their biggest champion...


Armed with your reliable computer Bible, you withdraw from role captain Bible how are you teleported through small hole into incarcerate cities. Unfortunately, your computer Bible was involved during teleportation. His memory is empty that is why needless. Fortunately, you can get new poetry therefor in Scripture stations interspersed around the city.

Nevertheless, you are not alone. Robots, known as cheat Cybers, assaulted town and do anything stop you. To knock down is, you must first knock down lie watching is used one of Scripture poetry did you hove before. Then, you will be able go into battle, how Bible much enable you to use spiritual sword and shield to fought. To assault, print A or point and click on Cyber - ovo vulnerable point, and defend, print D or point and click on. Once cyber take a shellacking, you can act on way.

; final the point is to undid town councilmen, each of whom is confined to outhouses, and foxed Cybers. You will have to sign up is in talk, and uproot fabrication as though they say you, by the help of more Scripture poetry. Once whole councilmen be released, you will be able use Unibot, massive humanoid robot, located up north end cities, destroy dome night demolition tower cheat alone.

Your arms and defences have one's limits first, but you can update is by collecting poetry relative sword spirit and shield vortices. Once you have these, then you can go to one of devotions Chapels scattered throughout every outhouse. You can also get light, that allows you to walk through dark areas - or special protectionthat the warn against you about traps friend. In these Chapels, you can also renew your propagatethat the be beyond retrieve gradual from friend clubbing or traps.

To navigate hall cities, simply clicks in directionthat the you do you want go or on door to opened that. Some door they will need to be unlocked through your computer Bible. Some door also they will make for leap Tunnels, that allow you to make accessible next parts outhouse. In leap tunnel, move mouse left the or right swerve Cybers. Also, some door lead on to communications Stations, where you must explain some poetry town councilmen you before be released. If your express them correct, they will lead over poetry your computer Bible.

This play has graphic art good quality and sound for its time, and runs totally below DOSBOX. So does it teachs valuable truth and lesson in. I give this play 5/5.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Bridgestone Multimedia Group


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