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Campaign is classical strategy game with second world's war setting. Like general, you control either confederate or center pin and lead is through the few campaign from Africa into Russian woman. Like good general you will have to pother about all aspects of warfare: You will have to production control your arrangement, buckler your flying base and offer your soldiers enough to steel reinforcements, ammunition and firing. Last, but primary, you will have to make surethat the enemy general will be able to do likewise.

Play mostly focuses on warfare tank, but there are also airy and sea troop, and you will need much politic dexterity to succeed in struggle. No every fight can be won absolute by force. You will have to use firing dam as well as artillery support or bombardment country with your aviation.If you defend, perhapsthat the would could consider ' digging in ' your soldiers or using mine fields.

Most of the time you will operate politic mapthat the gives you survey terrain, your soldiers and the your friend. All soldiers are command in groups, so you do not have to bother about single unit management how in < href=">panzer universal . If it is yet too much to you, you can hand over control of single groups to AI. Once your force enlist friend, you have to pick whether you do you want to led conflict themselves or whether do you want AI go by car- počítat his result. Hand combat plane glass surface looks a little like full - sized mini - map < href=">order & contesting, where you can allot your tanks, in conjunction with airstrike and artillery promotive. If it is not enough to action to you, there is also possibility of hopping into one of your tanks and shooting infernos from your enemies. Be careful when you have to back off, how every tank left on battlefield can be captive and repaied, so it is possible you may be frontal your own tanks in the following fight.

Perhapsthat the you wonder why I ain't got mentioned sound or graphic art till now. Well, both of them be understood below the average. Tactical map look very holing and I am certainthat the you will play to your own music instead of listening to play sounds. 3D view of tank conflict be too dull, but introduction looks whacking. Plane glass surface isn't too easy to understand first, but right- clicking on by any icon for will be tabled before some help text.

On bottom line, campaign is sound financial situation and original combination strategy and arcade elements, which will be hopefully not only please claims generals but opportunity field also.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Empire Interactive Entertainment


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