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My počáteční dojem, když jsem vstoupil do bludiště který je tyto 1981 plazení žaláře, byl méně než pozitivní — textový-dobrodružný


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Callahanský Crosstime salon is one of the most distinct plaies soever made. If did you played this play before, feel free to draw down it immediately. If you have not heard of that and beloved adventures and riddles, then you too would ought draw down it all of a sudden.

You play to Jake Stonebender, regular in Callahanském bar. There you drown your griefs and solve puzzle with rest, bugbears, foreignes, vampires, sometimes traveller, monsters, vocal dog... Yep, that is foreign occupation in Callahanské. Play be based on books writing spider Robinsonem. Think of Callahanský how cross between cheers and Star way cantina. These creatures are your friend, and when they've hardship, you implore help out is.

But not only your friend be in a tight spot. Whole universe be in a tight spot also: Gods arbitrated closed universe for good. Somebody have to buckler day, namely just as well can be you. Your search takes you from of New York into Rumania, Manhattanu, Brazil, universe, future and, of course, to gods ourselves.

Do you have what it is taking be Jake Stonebender? You can trick gods and smoothing - out all riddle unassisted? You have courage, brains and skills needed? Find out. Imposition isn't simple - but then again, inquiry universe isn't will never.

Year of publication: 1997

Made by: Legend Entertainment Company


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