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Série testovací jízdy je verze pocty sportovních her automobilového závodu. Vy jste závodění proti hodinámnebo počítačovému oponentovi, n


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In 80s, Epyx was famous sports society plaies. They made most classical C64 sports plaies, and many of whom also get along for PC. Nabocklish of those classic. There's a six merry entertainment discipline in which the you can compete for the best score or implore knock down your friend (it is definitely funnier). Matters are next:

Halfpipe: You need to skate on ramp, performing funny business to got as many points as possible.

Footbag: You need to reflect ball and try to do some gimmickry at making so.

Flying disk: You need to threw disk your partners, who needs to catch it. Once disk be in the air you can start shift partner about (you catch sight of reds brands at top screens).

Surfing: There's a jugular wave after you and you need to surf it and evidence as though did you actual heat price thing.

Skating: There are a lot of shoddy on carriage way directly next to the beach. You need to skated along it avoidance of this shoddy.

BMX: You be on course with many hill and hindrances. You need to rode course, and every time you can jump you can also do a thing really radical (if you have you got what it is taking).

When I tried to run this play in DOSBOX, that saidthat the I didn't have enough to memoirs, so I'm was had to draw down D - Fend. It be overwhelming tool use if you have you got DOSBOX installed.

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Epyx, Inc.


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