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Caesar II Reviews

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We has every proof Sima City all of a sudden in our lifes. Divers like it, divers hated it. I'm one of those, who hated it. Play is excellent any misgiving about it, but somehow will never I managed to like it. Perhapsthat it%%= be too straight forward... You build house. You tracethat it%%= growth. And that's it. To me as though play be missing something basic; ACTION!

Caesar II is next play in same genre, but it takes off where Sim City stopped... addition more action sometimes namely even resembles strategy games, like centurion, more than anything else. Before you start scream for mine head on plate... Yes, Sim Cities have had some action in practice calamities, but Caesar II has it and next! Here horde barbarian they may assault you and excesses they may also occur from time to time. This holds you on your fingers how attack can become any time, and when it does did you make would better have militia present. So outhouse working armies be exceedingly important to could hold your province alive and prosecution.

Play take place in 200 BC. in Romish time. Your mission is to help Caesarovi to expanded Romish empire, conquering territories in the suburb map. Mission turns in every place, so you will have to adapt to everyone. Divers they may want you to build town with whacking industrial much, while others only demand, so that build town with requisite quantity citizens. How do you act you get reward from Rome, and even occasional publicity. Quittances can be anything from money kinds lately erected building, so always you'll have something new place in town. Nezapomeněte that the Romans are were notoriously known for living easy life, so they will expect Circuses, public baths, Theatres, schools etc .. They will never don't get satisfied. ;)

concerning story in play... What can I say? They worked hard to get all the details correct. I'm wasn't able notice no rents till now in historical game value... A this comes from to someone, who did all the year round educated at subject. They even included correct attitude towards neighbourhood... ( ancient Roman disliked to shared their homes with militia or next workers. They do not like feel common. To ancient Roman status was everything!) policy in play is also excellent, how gives you image how government in Romish empire worked. Forum part games is workmanlike and gives you full control of by every aspect your province. Most important function here lack doubts hoi polloi check - ups. Plebeian be used to hold your town in peak form.

Methinks as though Caesar II is unexceptionable in every aspect games. Graphic art be overwhelming with many chicken on every outhouse, and there are a lot of videos for special matters. A animated people together sound effect do play come in alive.

There's a but one problem. (this is not something Caesar II be liable for, by the way). Mouse sometimes can be chopping at run in DOSBOX, from games isn't 100% compatible with programme. But this non lowers standard games. So it gets full much 5 without doubts!

For me it is improved version Sima Citů. So all of you, who like as though one, will definitely love this!

You must pull out this play C on your drive because failing that it will not work.

Year of publication: 1996

Made by: Impressions Games


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