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Will smash up movement is PC version classical games.

There is not much to isn't yclept about those play. As you can see on cathode - raytubes, you must start coloured fine seed from the bottom of screens. When you did you get 3 fine seed same colours in a row they will explode and drop off.

This simple principle underlie whacking games namely has same addictive play how Tetris. It holds you session behind per cent without any alert time or people about you.

But when you get bored playing themselves, you you can adjudicate play against friend in excellent 2 player mode. It's, without doubts, prime games and true classics for crape - hanger birthday party.

In 2 player mode you play at splitscreen mode, and any fine seed you shoot away lift on screen next player. It do they really amusing to see how next player sinks in all those fine seed, while you can only sit back and trace how he or she dies. But stay on warning! S 1 shot departure all that can change and are you one in problems...

S whacking play and excellent 2 player mode, this play be but true classic and everyone should have a go at it at least once.

Year of publication: 1997

Made by: Taito Corporation


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