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Bush Buck - Global Treasure Hunter Reviews

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Here's handsome and simple little games world traveller.

Did you research worker. If you choose play to single game, you can play against computer or simply for your enjoyment. There are another difficulty level to elect, but do they really invariably play. They only do odds against you (like weather and the like).

Subject games is to found losable objects, that are hidden all the world over and bring them to base (it say where bring is). When you do you do, you get next air ticket (cannot go wherever without of those) and new objection against search.

Number objects have one's limits, so you can win finding them all. Failing that play ends when all field run tickets (so one cannot move). On that point score will win and player with highest score is champion.

But why anybody hide objects all the world over?

It seems it is competition, because in the end, they will clap best locator treasures. So they knowingly hid you treasures.

A how can I find is?

There are two ways. You can fly around accidentally, hope to hove some help on way; or you can inquire into what object is. You only get name, but it'll be object more or less typical for a certain country or region. Go there and again get it.

There'll much buttons on screen, Don't let is deceive you. Play wants you to thoughtthat it%%= is more complicated then in reality it is.

If you click on mirror you will either enlarge in or out except region currently did you v. If you press finger, you will be able look on cities on map. clicks on roll, you catch sight of objects needed. If they are in another colour from roll did you able read some help (which evidently did you find on the way). Be careful, cannot read help computer findings. You can get into read hold when it be detected (depending on level problems) but cannot get into they later.

Also make sure, whether you read flight warning. If it saythat the there's a dangerous weather in front you need to thought two - time. If you bell the cat and will not get there, you drop ticket and those are thethat the hold you going. You should also know that the flight destination are sometimes illogical. You can for example fly over Atlantic from Paris, but no down. So plan your routes choicely.

In the end I'd just like comment graphic art and strains. Graphic art are OK, but there could have been more. You only get into see little icon for citiesthat the you land v. Airport are essentially the same, years can get better or worse weather, but it is that a, and objects found will always be in crates, so you even you don't get into see is. Always it gets work donethat the can also be said for sound. You will hear some effects if there is coarse weather in front ( weather alert) and your roads will accompanied pleasant classical on - the - fly music, make - over in midi sound figures.

That is about it. I I preferthat the you play game and prove your acquaintance with by other land and typical objects to those country (or eligible regions, cities,...). It can be merry making, even if you play to themselves (against computer), but it always be better invite friends.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: PC Globe Inc.


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