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Představí si mé překvapení když jsem poprvé hrál tuto hru (jen před několika dny) a uvědomily si, že to snadno by stálo bok po boku s něk


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Before you is play in which the you get tired of bumping, all the same always you will want to strike more and more. Why? Because this old play is to make for bumping (it is at least what name games tells us).

In play, your the point is to rallied everything that can be collected - except lifes, that you CAN collect, but you do not have to. When you be finished collection "everything", straight exit- portálu discovers. Only jump over portal and did you completed level. No every level will as simple as first few.

Don't think it is some kind static games, where you has every your time to think as to your to other movement. In these play there are by other kinds unidentified flying objects which be ready to slew you always, when they touch you. Implore give wide berth them; there is no way killing them. Only thing you can do run away or prepare good trap. There be level in which the you have you any time to solve how run through is, but only at the very beginning, when you are not moving yet.

Deo gratias somebody remembered to adjusted password for every worldthat the you order (the entails if you falls all your life, only enter password and you find myself again alive on same worldthat the did you played). I think without those election play be in fact impossible to finished.

All I would had tell of graphic art is that athat the play looks much superior in old EGA mode (I thinkthat the many of you I'll approve of me). Strains, again, are much better when they're play old PC loud - speakers than on Soundblaster.

Trust you will relish your BUMPING.


Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Loriciel SA


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