Prehistorik 2
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Hra, která byla počátkem devadesátých let nainstalována na drtivé většině osobních počítačů, to je Prehistorik 2 z roku 1993. Přestože byla


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This play is continuation countdown to discerning day and in nice - looking RPG tradition you can import characters from previous parts into those games and get on with your large dobrodružstvímnebo you can smash in new (which slows play down somewhat how youneedshromáždit experience).

Story is somewhat more attractive. There's a new solar king and he they are trying to join all competition for peaceful coexistence of. How handsome how so thought it seems, that invokes on of each of, so there are force on the loose as though wish prevent it from newsmaker. Did you assignment to patrolled king and make surethat the he be safe and you of course try to do your work as well as you can. To close this short introduction conspiracy I will only leave you with some conniving thoughts which immediately set for my minds when I started writing those games. Should we really believe king? Be him examiner secure peace or government for either race only? Who might be intriguing against the peace and why? They've good reason for it?

I'm was had to find answers to to these questions in play, and so have you.

One of the things really I had a like about continue to be the that there be more election. As soon as you satisfy . )that the somebody would you mind fight, you can first try another way (examining is or perhaps even bring them together and change your attachment - if you think which could help out really help you).

Except of what graphic art improved somewhat from forepart, although they're yet classical SSI RPG graphic art, much similar this time to second part of the medieval fancy RPG Krynn trilogy. This making me interest oneself though, they eye do Buck Rogersovu trilogy also, but will never it ain't over?

At all events, it is a very unyielding RPG as though I definitely advise anyone who he likes genre and especially to all who're cast - off RPG simply because they didn't have like to fantasy world faery and cells.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Strategic Simulations, Inc.


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