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When you play to computer play, do you usually need to care for your sign. If you fall into the trap, get injekcinebo run air, you die. Well, no in those play; in those play you have already dead! It's true, you play to sweet little white spirit, whose only care is as though his bubble she could crack!

Draft is simple: You need to blew bubble through room to the next level. Be spirit, you can place themselves on every imaginable blip, but if your bubble concerning anything it'll be explode.

To move bubblethat the you need stroke thereinto (printing space in order to do so). Longer you hold down key, stronger gust of mind and next bubble will travel. Sometimes you will need accuracy, though, so non also blow hard. To place themselves (you can only blow directly) you need use cursor keys and Q/W turn spirit (cannot face round, so blow bubble to side facial screens, you need to placed themselves conversely).

Graphic art those games are handsome; you get into pick is when you run game (I I prefer EGA). Levels of be fairly resourceful - divers demand, so that sacrifice bubble to are could thrust forth certain sum - but unfortunately you need to started from the beginning every time you play game. So, although play tend to become gently repeated, that always stays somewhat provocative. I can't really say anything positive about sound, though.

Play supports two- hráčský mode and dummy - head mode (it always be plus), and you can change keymapping.

Together, I really this way play, so although it may merits 3, I admitthat the I I'm a little biassed; I give that 4 - I be truly a fall in love with this little games.

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: ERE Informatique


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