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Dnem a nocí! To je rozdíl podle mého mínění mezi malou lidmi hlavní třídou a předtím zhodnocenou malou lidmi farmou, která shromažďovala


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Bombuzal be too addictive little games riddle. It is very simple, in reality: Did you a little bomb- ničící monster, live on green squares. Your work is to destroyed by any single bomb in every level, but no all green light square, because cannot live underfoot down.

Strains simple enough, but it is not. If there is bomb per sq clingy to thatthat the you get dumped, that they will explode also. Needless to say, you must not are in the area explosion. So have you need to be careful, because there are some big bombshells outside, that they will take out more than just square they be on.

There are also special square: Broken square will disappear as soon as you walk over is, blue square are icy and you get out is, etc .. Don't think for too long, because except every levels of be timed, so have you participate unpleasant astonishment if you state in one place for too long!

To do everything nicer you can play against friend. You can also pick to play at 2D or 3D mode (but I I prefer 2D - it is less illusory). Strains be but basic, but then again, that is all it needed.

This play be as provocative and merry makingthat the I bar you sham really unless you have time to spare. Have a good time herewith!

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Image Works


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