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One iD věci vždy je lepší v než dělání počítačových her prodává motory počítačové hry. Toto je pravda dnes o jejich nadřazeném zkáze 3 mo


Blues Brothers, The Reviews

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Blues Brothers be done in picture film.

It's typical computer game, but there be something addictive about it. I should think so is multiplayer mode where you can dig some together behind with friend.

There are two characters, just like in film (Jake and Elwoodovi). They have - not no special aptitude, and they only differ in their phenomenon. ; imposition is to rallied commentary and achieve straight exits. There'll much hindrances you can either avoid or knock down using cases that are scattered through by any level.

Play is not very innovative, namely can get boring after a while. Nevertheless, that can offer reasonable quantity entertainment, especially in multiplayer mode. If you like this genre, won't you disappointed!

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Titus Interactive


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