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Vy jste archeologický, kdo objevili strašný prokletí Hahmid III. Kurs říká, že jakmile Slunce je černěný a ne déle zářit na chrámu Raa, c


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Did you cop - novice, below in your father's steps. ; old man was tarnation good cop, and reason, why did you join power above all. Only problem is, he be killed one night, and case wasn't will never solved. Aren't in reality examiner solve your father's assassination of, but you run against some help which make you change your priority.

You must smash up honk weapons smugglers and really look out for it it. It is not enough to I wish find is, you must stay on alive - and neklopýtnetenebo you will demote to night watchman and you will needless to anybody no more!

Now it be clean 5 in my book.

This play be something, what I'd called real life malingering. OKS, there are a lot of imagination accompanying, but this play they are trying to be as realist as possible! Forget to relieve oneself your weapon before cleaning it - you get shot on the brain; always challenge to overlap, thinks first, act later, always be ready, carry on radio communication, use correct procedure... you get the picture.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Tsunami Games


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