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Blades Steel was the first computer game ice - hockey I ever played. It be on C64. I have to tell you at once thoughthat the this play was port for C64 two years after it was released to PC (it no - happened to much often that the COMPUTER GAME would ported into C64, that be usually another circuit).

I'm loved graphic art and merry entertainment play provided (especially double player mood). A my friend and I'd used by any chance to run off from the school and play game or two (although sometimes we're played Indian waterlily Esprite or one - on - one basket - ball).

Now for play alone.

It be firm play ice - hockey with 8 teams to elected. If play against to a friend it always be competition show and there be no levels of problems. Playing PCs . though there are tří level problems and you can play to either single play show or start tournament.

You control enhanced player and if you hand over crease to the other fieldthat the you get into control that one. Also catch sight of aiming arrow when close to opponent of (or your dropped goal) in such a case you can either score a goal if attacking) or implore block shot departure (if defence).

Play also includes buoy and punishment shootouts and advertising during break - in (but you can jump the). S fight you have to beat filth from opponent of and he she'll get lugged ice into mulcted territory arbitrator and you will have power play. Shootouts you get into see goalkeeper face to face (or be one - depending which team be on the shoot). A break - in will only be provide you with short introductions of other Konami plaies (such as Castlevania or double little).

Play graphic art be firm for time (16 colour EGA graphic designer) with some obscure chicken shown but leiotrichous animations. Airs are less primitive PC speaker of strains (probe method like simple offhand strains) and operating controls be easy to enough to (either joystick or keyboard, with two wrench set for two player mode), although I pass option for restorative keies.

Together handsome and comical piece sports playing, but nothing which will be really leave you breathless. You should always examine it, especially if you can play against human opponent of, from games can always offer several merry entertainment o'clock.

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Konami Corporation


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