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Čechrací stroj červ je jedním z nejstarších počítačových her já vím. Citování vývojář Alan Farmer, čechrací stroj červ je rychlá, vyzývav


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Blackthorne is play which will always be remembered how legend.It's one of those plaies that were ' most wanted ' at the time their publication. It extends like virus, near - prompt. Everyone wanted it, and everyone have had it. Why? Well, recipe is simple - all that is taking is stiff, charismatic, masculine sign with shotgun, set slack in fantasy world to recover throne which rightly is his.

Sound sticky? Who cares; play is fine ! Now, when much you know what it is assumedthat the you will do you do (what about can be more merry making than blasting bad foreignes torture your kind?), the rest be too better than to action. It's classical platform play, so you have one's limits to by two dimensions. It'll be more than one's, believe me.

There are numberless levels of, every set level containing another enemies and new arms and scenery. This much interlocks that the play does not become monotonous. Sound and graphic art be too amusing and above - normal.

Globally, his whacking packet - actual heat price peas play, as it were.

More than one's deserve his fair place on Abandonia!


Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.


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