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Donkey Kong, to je hra minulých generací, hra, která si získala přízeň široké veřejnosti již na počátku 80. let a brzy po uvedení na trh se


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It is a very simple, yet quite provocative play riddle. That is all about no loser your divide by from marble.

There are blue and rosy- červený marbles which go out on the part of green deck, and you need to manoeuvred is. If two marbles another colours bouncing the boat, green square they be on right now will disappear - disclosure black hole and whole later marbles she could fall through it. Nevertheless, if two marbles same colours bouncing the boat, they forms brick.

Now these brick be in fact things, that need. You need to piled up is to are could lift your straight bar (nearside screens) and to are could collect brick, that you need to struck be abreast of marble next colours. Such marble will collect brick and continue shift on in the same direction, while marble same colours how brick simply will divert starting shifting in the opposite direction.

Only thing you have to control marbles are \ and // tile you can place on some /every /no green square if there be no marble currently on that and marble will do 90 rung give over given to direction.

A it is about that. Like I'm he said, simple, yet merry making and quite addictive. A firm order play which she might be right here thing for short coffee break. Definitely worth examination!

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: ParaGraph


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