Murders in Venice
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If vy jste jako já (zaměřené příliš mnoho na PC scéna), tam je vysoká šance vy si myslíte "Murders" série měly jen dvě hry: Vraždy v Bená


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Did you snake Logan, narrowly spy for CIA. City underground be attacked monsters, probably slack scientist named Dr. Mangle. Did you on mission inquiry in your Cessně when did you down shot and crash - land in the streets City underground. You crawl from aviation gun - toting with M60 rifle pulse, and play begins.

Fancy Billy Blaze with machine - gun, splashy foreignes and veer them inside- ven in handsome massacre. It feel snake Logan does. Conspiracy is simple: fire away every monster and bad machine in town and life - saving civilians. This play uses second Commander Keen motor made ID softvérem (zealous 4 - 6) - one of the world's best basis- motorů to my mind. Biggest problem is that athat the play is missing variation, and after ten levels netted killing and pressure of several disconnect switch... you need some time before, than you begin with second episode.

I'm tested play on by many basis and be off that the play won't run on some Windows 9x/ME machinery. Nevertheless, that will work only penalty in pure for analysis DOS and Windows XP (no sound, try with VDMSOUND).

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Apogee Software, Ltd.


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