Commander Keen 3: Keen must die
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Třetí díl této série byl stejně jako druhý a první vydaný v roce 1990 a opět jsme se nedočkali téměř žádných změn v herním systému.


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Below A Steel Sky (BASS) is setting in after- apocalyptical Australia where did you orphan live with trunk in wasteland of - ův gap ' when helicopter is coming hereto, withdraw from you to enormous sectional City. Play begin with helicopter pushing down in town and you making your escape to one of big high plants. ; aim? To reveal who you really are and why did you were taken to town.

BASS be second adventurous play made Revolution and they brightly learned from their first play bait siren. Plane glass surface was to improved great deal of and panorama and style games is mile better. So have they have had assistance from comic book artistic Davea Gibbons (known watchmen, Green lantern, etc .) who give sb. a hand with design games. He be understood whacking option: not only he delineavit short comicality for play, so is it suggested all backcloth and you only need to look on screenshot to see how fabulous those are. Dropping with detail and atmosphere, that made world BASS come in alive.

I non don't pull down story to you though, because it are strongest aspect games: resolution who're, how are you end up in gap how child, why safeness is after you and resolution how get out of the city. In conjunction with your little corvée Joey you will inquire into town from top to bottom: from gloomy upper factories ancient desolate underground tunnel. On way you''ll be meet with by many interesting and pictorial characters who everything live their personal lives. Thanks Revolution- ovo virtual theatre system they walk around, withdraw from abstracts, go home rest, go to work, etc .

while screenshot can be a little illusory, BASS isn't all destruction and dumps. ; sarcastic and witty robot Joey often will bring smile your face no mentions ridiculous character by many from sectional town inhabitants: surgeon which depend upon nitrous oxide, much power solicitor, vegetable worker which it seemsthat the will have unhealthy love of clip decks - and this be but three instances from much more!

Play no suffers dark and illogical riddles also: most solving be fairly logical and while they are not not always evident, discovering what's to be done always be satiation. Easy plane glass surface (left clicks to look, genuine click use it) believes will never you don't get frustrated also. Play slyly guesses what you want do. Clicking on door namely open it. Clicks apiece and you will talking to him. You can mean well is standard system now but BASS was one of the first unless PRVNÍ play to use it.

In the end this is one of the best adventurous plaies you can try. Revolution made this freeware a few years ago so you absolutely you do not have any reason unacted it! While it is a little on short side, that replete quality down - the - line. I can't advise this more!

Version you can draw down here’s disk version which hasn't no speech or introduction. You can draw down CD version over in ScummVM free.

Please read also Graphic novel which you can draw down up. It shows short story of what what happens before play begins.

Optimum setting

- cycles:at least 15000 but play runs just as well with ' car' or ' max - ův cycles.

If you crash into copy protection, make surethat the draw down safety code up.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Revolution Software Ltd.


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