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BCs Quest for Tires Reviews

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Important Pozor !

1) BC'S search for tyres is PC BOOTER play! This believes that the file will exclude from no executable file (such as *.exe or *.com). Therefore you need to mount picture in DOSBOX, failing that you will not be able to run game. Down is step by step guide-book to what do you need to do!

2) play requires joystick. You will not be able to play to without it.

A now about play alone...

It's one of the first computer plaies I have ever played further among mine favourite sometimes spoiled work. There's no deep and attractive conspiracy at that, only pure for analysis addictive merry entertainment.

Did you monocycle ride boor who they are trying to save love to his life from claws bad prehistoric monster. In order to do so you need to avoidance of another hindrances (rocks, holes, tree branch, club rocking supervisors, tramps - no group, aerolite, stalactites and stalagmites...).

You can move be abandoned or directly on screen, jump and flapper. You can also upward or downward revision your rate of swelling ( by pressing joystick buttons). Plait your rate of swelling with your position on cathode - raytube. Rate of swelling is indicated by underground at the bottom screens.

Every level will constitute another call appeal for and if you die, you start from the beginning levels of (no from the beginning games). As soon as you run of all lifes, will you have to start all over though.

Play has 4 another levels of problems namely has two player option (basic in a way it be but hot armchair option, you drop life and player two is given get along). Graphic art extremely be good for time. That were time from 4- coloured- eye- hořící CGA, yet this play offered bigger colour. Strains consist only little sound effect peep, yet at the time, when they be far from obsolete.

Together this play be firm product this was way ahead of most of his competition at the time and is still very pleasant to played today. I high advise it.

1) tightening BC'S search for tyres and will pull out file (unbutton). Easily they will to put BC.IMG files on your C: drive.

2) tightening DOSBOX and installs it.

3) reopening DOSBOX.consult set and change next lines:

3a) machine=vga into machinery=cga

3b) cycles=3000 into cycles=500

3c) on end of file will add in subsequent line:

mount c c:(or specify road to directory where you have you got BC.IMG archive, if it is not simply on C:)


start C:BC.IMG

4) will start DOSBOX and play reopening! Pick out C (compound TV) for better graphic art.

Year of publication: 1984

Made by: Sydney Development Corp.


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