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It is Stone Age, and millionaire playboy millstone Rockafella save races wheels wild kind: Winner she'll get final bash cobble wheels - something, what must have for everyone cool boor. It's reason, why eight teams - six of them consisting from two persons and next two single dinos - competition for this tournament. Among horsemen are some known VIPS (at least to those, who spent much time playing of other plaies boor): Chuck Rock and Chuck younger, Cliff Ace and Roxy, Stiggy and much more.

In main menuthat the you pick how difficult your play will: Practise, easy, medium and ROCKHARD. Every level problems has eight races, which makes on the whole 32 tracks. If you win all eight races, you win trophy. After have succeed in all races, you get much - sought - for cobble bash wheel.

First thing you must is pick one of five teams to emulate. Next screen is 3D race, and camera zoom your Fredovi Flintstone - esque wheel, look - out self - starter- boor to flew flag. All wheels (except of those dinos) have sidecar with second team member. He/she be liable for striking next round with his/her special arms. There are hammer, clubs, screaming woman, etc ., depending which team did you chose. If you struck one of next round, they either are damage - or they scare off the track. But watch - - if you be hit or if you strike next round (or crimp on and beside tracks), your wheels can be involved, also. If your wheel is broken, you have to use one life to restart current race.

First race is in Rock City. After that you have you got night rally, desert drive, din jungle, will flood stomp, blitz war snowstrom, loves zawn and in the end stampede volcano. If did you gather enough to points during of each of race, you get trophy and scenes reparate with more difficult courses.

To real merry entertainment, try two player two - cleft- screen mode and race with your friend. This feature increases factor repetition dramatically.

Operating controls are a little illusory first. If you you do not have no joystick you speed up with Q and brake with a.To motoring left printing ' , (stroke) and go straight use ' .(full stop). Use Tab strike and activate your nitron support. Striking moment drive will do so veer handbrake. Print P take exception to play. When play is take exception to, you can change graphic detail levels of with function key (F1, F2...).

Graphic art in play are not half bad. (320 x 200 pixel, bitwise map objects in "flat" 3D world). If you play at window DOSBOX, perhapsthat the would could want to have it whole cathode - raytube, but after it, what seen fullscreen mode on 19'' displaies, you rather strain back to window mode.

Play runs more swimmingly when you thrust forth sound using setting.exe. Don't you pass it, because there are (unfortunately) just a few moderate SFX and much poisonous music.

To close, I I must saythat the BC racing motorcyclist is handsome competition play which used current technology early 90s. If you games, when competitor lack point like WackyWheels, you can amuse with with BC racing motorcyclist, but it simply hasn't quality to become classic; tracks are not various enough to and there are no powerup or special arms you can reveal. I give it to 3 from 5.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Core Design Ltd.


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