Blue Max - Aces of the Great War
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Modrá barva Max je jméno moc dobře známý k celým starším hráčům počítačové hry. To byla legendární C64 hra. Ale tato hra, modrý Max: Esa


Battle on the Black Sea, The Reviews

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This play be enough standard variant of classical naval battle games as though probably did you played before on paper. Difference in this interpretation PC games is that once you enter your name how player, and get your personal card which holds some statistics, you can immediately start playing. I don't know why, but in those playthat the you play to how Russia against Ukraine. It be fairly... interesting, but perhapsthat it%%= be inspired by political situation in Russian at that time.

At all events, first you have to place your craft (which come in variety of size) on map. When you be finished, two field be shown. To the left, you may see your make - up by boat, and on the right is computer. Then only you have to fire at cell and with piece luck can strike something. Play ends then, what all craft astride be sunk.

Only thing frustrating issues in those play is thatthat the if computer beats ship that is of occupying more'n one cell, his next shots will ALWAYS struck as though ship in the rest of his sentinel node, and you be liable to lose play in this way. So if computer beats your four cellulate dauntless man, you you can farewell to your prospect of victory which games. I I thinkthat it%%= is hard.

Play runs without difficulty in DOSBOX.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Bashurov V. (Bady)


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