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Are you ready be "God" in world full small midget smooth? If your reply to is "yes", then will step forward and prove your pious knack at those peculiar play named Baldies.

; the point is simple: only lead small bald people against their "squalor" archs- enemies, mop. With you Decision their fate, they will militate against almost infinite war which only may result in general destruction for either race. Play takes place over much wide range of level through the few kinds terrain, from grazing land volcanic. There, you will shelter your baldheaded man so that they could lift their population issue big enough to, to allow them to overcome their enemies.

Draft games remind me " farm ant", main thereforethat the they're organized in class and depending on their class, they will exert another office. Classes are: personnel, builders, soldiers or scientists. Inside house, personnel they will shelter, builders they will update and carry on house, soldiers they will build ammunition and scientists they will inquire into technology to upheld them militate against their opponent of. Outside, personnel finds out manpower, needed, to exercised special work like kicky trenches; builders finds out make - up- síluthat the allow them to update or create new houses; soldiers they will use ammunition to slew mop; and in the end, scientists add new gimmickry like land mine.

Operating controls be easy to how they take turns on mice to drowe finger about and clicks over icon for on screen. There are four icon for to you permitted assign of each of baldheaded man to one of the four class. Next two icon for are flagthat the you can place where you wants build new house and arm with which you you can choose some /of each of /of no baldheaded man and pull him wherever you wants.

You can also click on houses or trees inevitable your side. That shall "open out" house or tree and show you what his holders do. In trees, baldheaded man will not be put out anything; tree is premium to baldheaded man because it'll be boast their motivation and agility.

When did you built three houses and have got enough manpower, new icon for representative shovel discovers, allowing you to change terrain. When you have you got four houses, last icon for will appear, one named "gold- křídla"; this is very useful tool because it'll be you allow choose group baldheaded man who get wings and choose goal where those winged guys land. It can be used send big group soldiers to enemy house to she could have destroy it or lump it your side.

Graphic art are displayed in the 256 coloured mode with 640x480 resolution. Effects as are rain and shadowy figure cloud please and welcome addition. Strains are not most precious thing in those play, but they serves their purpose.

To its contents, playability and originality I evaluate it with four.

There's a possibility of playing that over net during "hairlessness.exe" registers instead of regular "baldheaded man.exe".

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Creative Edge Software


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