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Golden Axe je počítačová hra - arkáda vydaná v roce 1989 firmou Sega. Byla to první hra této série.


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Ill feeling be over- apocalyptical RPG systems origin. Again, people and monster only go wrong. What is he doing this play a little different from most plaies hereof type is as though did you on the part of monsters, and they in reality want to give wide berth conflict.

Play break out meeting monsters, in which the they all learn / learn people prepare for uproot what are they believes is menace to society. Rather than go to the wars, monster search more logical access. It lie you come in.

You start by selection to played how one of three monster. Every has his own interests and disadvantages - like another classes in next RPGS. As soon as did you make a decision, that you go up start in the most in common use setting to start play: your house in your home town.

Ill feeling is taking classical bird's eye view. What's gently poisonous, though, is as though your playing area them to a TV in playthat the takes away much possible to areas for visibility. Draft screens and drip flask on the right visualization your health bar is handsome, but often I'm found out I'm wasthat the be taken aback as to where opt out of the visible areas be but just big enough to see how travel small house.

Operating controls are rather simple to study / into - learn , and some operating controls plane glass surface are mentioned on screen to helped so have you. Only trouble is as though sometimes perhapsthat the would could pass report play portrayals, because simply shift about automatically will do so disappear. Other than as though, that be easy to simply militate against monsters in real - time play environment.

St. in one's own line games and merry entertainment walks, ill feeling it seemsthat the will smash in kind slow, but after couple of minutes it be really starting to growth up to you. That is all real - time, so fight is much "aim in enemy and attack, attack, attack".

Globally, I'd advise giving bad blood implore to see if you do you love it. It really will not get out from crowd, but it does handsome appendage to collection desolate plaies and be fairly merry making to played.

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: ORIGIN Systems, Inc.


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