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Backgammon is one of those classical table plaies which be easy to learn but difficult to coped. Play against computer didn't have to be best way, but it warranted crazy tempi play against to himself.

For all who might not know, how play to backgammon, there's a direction included, but it do they really quite easy and you will study / will into - learn how do you play to. Now actual heat price play has much variation which tack to play depth, but here there be but basic play.

There are also backgammon land - gamete rulesthat the will explain how can you play to this computer version, but no actual heat price play.

This computer adjustment is very simple and features no sound and only basic graphic art. Shreds, that you move are represented X and computer shreds are alone lacunae you can move into are represented numbers and cubes rolls automatically.

I think as though everything what needs know about this play. It look and feel basic only, but it does offer simple play backgammon (and me mean simple, because computer AI is not as not half bad).

Not as quite recommended, if you will you wish to learned / knew and practise basic play.

Year of publication: 1986

Made by: Green Valley Publishing


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