Betrayal at Krondor
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Tento kultovní dungeon vznikl na motivy knižní fantasy ságy Trhlinová válka (Riftwar saga) od R. E. Feista.


B.A.T. II - The Koshan Conspiracy Reviews

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B.A.T. received so much rejoicing, that be but natural that the continuation they will made. Manufacturers kept all features original, at amelioration sound, graphic art and story.

Talking story: On planet Shedishan, some companies examine obtain monopoly of some badly needed raw materials. B.A.T. organization planning sent undercover agent to examined. At fulfilment these investigations, she come under by assault, and her life be in distress, so it is time to you go into action.

You can edit your sign or pick to played how standard agent.

; first imposition is to found original B.A.T. agent, how she'll your contact. You will find her alone in guest bedroom, on bed, expecting up to you. She will send you on your first mission and give you alleyway used to work.

You still have all small screens which seem in large, and how in most 2D punctual- and- clicks plaies, your cursor will change any time you can interact with something.

To go to the different city borough, that you need car, but you can rent out one in every VIA station. Stop away too fast or you will have to pull over sb.'s head and forfeit.There go in for shops where you can ' ' more earn money - or you can assault and steal out of people - but you will pop into prison if caught and lose valuable time! Make sure, to checked your status; B.O.B. on your hands will show when you need to slept, eat, drink.

To those, who loved original play, this will real present. A B.A.T. II be confidentthat the win new fans because of much - improved graphic art, sound and action.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Computers Dream


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