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Red bouřkové stoupání bylo jméno jednoho z Tom Clancyových nejslavnějších bestselerů, vzatý z codename ruského vojenského plánu pro pancé


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I keep in mind this play back from days good old C64 - ovo - don't you know, eighties, where there was tons girls in drenched T - shirts advertisement beer and fast vehicles. I'm sham much, but without manuals I just not - have not got point. Therefore I'm got (and I'm supplied) recap along with play. I'm didn't write it myself though - too lazy.

B.A.T. is mixture among RPG and adventure. It put you in futuristic world where you, like spy, have to stop Vrangor from fulfilment his bad conspiracy. To move, only move your mouse till then, than it change into arrow. Then movement at that direction; it be easy to. Plane glass surface be just about so easy to use. Cursor will change when you move across somebody's you can interact with.

After becomes your order, you will need some arms. Only go and purchase or steals some (purchase is better, that is legal). Don't forget, your time have one's limits, so you must act promptly and find Vrangor as soon as one can. In order to do so, you should listen to and graft other people, that you encounter. But Vrangor will send his soldiers then cos vys, so be prepared for occasional street shootouts!

That is about it! For anything else, refer to recap!

Part search and Glory make - up

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Computers Dream


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