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It is simple quiz show which covers another areas astronomy. Questions they will prove your basic knowledge, but people who are not really into astronomy surely they will learn something new. Some questions be fairly easy and their answerback known, while others do you think for a while. You choose one of three possible reply. If your reply to is wrong, you catch sight of which reply to was the right ones.

Every time you play to, you will have to answer 50 randomly questions. Every proper answer wins in you point, and every wrong answer costs you one premiums mark. To every five correct answer, you get one premiums mark. On end of play, so have you get articles for by any premiums mind you go away. Every new play will contain some new questions, although they'll mostly be like each other.

Play will much helpful people, who doesn't know much about astronomy and babies which wanted learn some bases. Play quiz several times and slowly you will memorize correct answerback. Except testing your knowledge, that can be interesting to tested this kind games after a while to see if answerback are yet correct. Have a good time at learning.

Run asters. bat to began play

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Scott Miller


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