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Já miluji tuto klasiku. Předtím, než co jsem kdy hrál Sima City, před první Civ- ovo byl udělaný, tam byla vláda. Myšlenka je jednoduchý.


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Asterix - surgical Getafix be done in year 1989 and has very good graphic art for that time, but sound be done for some peculiar hardware I can't emulate, so I only get occasional bumps sound. More trouble is that athat the play slowly run in DOSBOX, and distant too fast in Windows XP or with VDMSOUND. I could not even get Moslo run it in due form. So I pulled old 486 from basement to play game. It worked only penalty.

It's action/adventurous play with lot more action than adventure at that, but it gets much repeated. Go out, found material, combat people and animals in the process, returned material, finds out it is not what you really are needed and start whole thing over... But leave me present play in more detail at all events.

Did you Asterix, only person left in gaul village with some common sense! Druid Getafix had gigantic menhir lowered on his head (thank you, Obelix) and you must cure him. In order to do so, you must collect additives as though he wants and bring them him.

You can find additives everywhere. In wood, in village (you have to buy the) or even in Romish camp. Cooking tax is taking place to long way left side village. A boiling cursor pots automatically it seems and allows you to stir 3 additives. When tax is to make either Druid or captive Roman can give it a try.

But while it is happening, there's a augur out get all of you. As soon as you go into a place cottages your boss in, you meeting herewith vlkem - similar fiddler. He will seat in the clear in wood, where locals bring food him to could learned about their futures.

Like I'm mentioned before, there are some things, that need to bought and for which you need cash. You can play to cubes with augur or with Romans in camp (they always play first). Move mouse to shook and then right - click to threw. If you win, you get richer. But watch, you should really play to cubes with Romans, because if you implore force your ways to their camp, they'll probably wear you. You you do not have magic potion.

In some parts wood you you can encountering black animals and flying fish (your friend are in hairs again). Avoidance of happen hit or you lose one's life articles. On the other side, you can implore get wild boar and gain articles. You must impinge on wild boar to do that.

So have you get into militate against Romans (what Asterix them as if couldn't?). You militate against function key: F1 post butt up and disperses Roman, F2 give him spank, F3 will add handsome stroke and F4 sends him into wide blue yonder.

Alias writ in play are entrance to leapt, enter a building or buy something and space to sank or lift.

When you will find genuine combination ingredients, you cure druidical and that is it.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Coktel Vision


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