Vigilance on Talos V
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V bdělosti Na Talos V, vy jste námezdní Killian Jaradd. Váš dceřiný Colesce byl unesený zlým cizím závodem Xenosa. Vaše hledání vezme vás


Asterix & Obelix Reviews

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Year is 50 BC. All Gaul is quite engaged Romans. Well... no quite.

Lead ours known hero how they travel all over Romish empire, examiner bring souvenir from every country they cruise. A handsome play to played for a while, but it is place, where story ends.

It's classical computer game: it hasn't action in itself. Only movement in front all the time, and, with piece luck, you succeed. It look nice: there are many details (as far as you you can pull through 320x200 pixels) and swimmingly animation symbol (that is of what I like most).

Asterix & Obelix might be in comparison with Aladdinem as far as visual melt is concerned. Several sound cards be backed.

It be much more merry making to sham double player mode, with both of Asterix and Obelix at the same time, so I advisethat the you get second hand for this.

Year of publication: 1996

Made by: Infogrames


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