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third part set Duke Nukem be expended back in 1996. Certain of him all well remember. Stature Dukeho goes through lion and wind up various enemy. Action games be enacted nailed?ně midway 21 century in town LA.

play isn't at all demanding of intelligence player. It depends on fast responses sometimes as well as tactics of battle. As is concerned playthat the presents development in 3d action peas, so here will find a lot of very much real elements. For example you can go vyčůrat on water closet and then he shoot to bits bazooka. Available have you got several classical arms, but also freezer, zmeněovač and stuff.

play is intended starěím computers with operating system DOS. She should you function also on Windows 95, 98, 2000. In WindowsXP evidently you will have to use some special programme emulating elements DOSU and inhibitory váě system.

on official pages games you can draw down several stale mate and vylepěení just for this play.

Year of publication: 1996

Made by: 3D Realms



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Přidal Angelo

Lance01011 26.12.2010 reaguj
Miluju tu hru, kdo dá po síti? :D

El Diablo 15.03.2010 reaguj
Kdysi jsme spolu s kamo?em d?lali n?jak? mapy: M??ete si je vyzkou?et.