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Arthur - The Quest for Excalibur Reviews

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Legend king Artuše be too popular story really. There has been books written about it, movies made - and of course PC games.

This play allow you to enact legendary king himself (even before, than he was king). You start in cemetery where hobby callsthat the you withdraw from Magic Sword Excalibura. Unfortunately, sword be stolen, and you need to get it first, then pull it from stone and in the end win the game (you get into kiss girls on way too *hehehe*).

Play alone be in good health- psaná text play with handsome pictures to escorted text but no animation. There is also no sound (but there's no actual heat price need therefor). Riddle are not too hard, but just in case, I'm added recap (it always be easier to had one about). Gist, why this play isn't overburdensome is realitythat the you can get counsel from games alone any time view of magic crystal. If you want, you can thrust forth this option.

Characters you encountering on way be right circumscribed, and you will find part of these are quite complex. Writing come in handy to, so you will like read story as though you take interest in (because basic in a way it is interactive story).

This play will transport you from current data property into medieval pasts, where you will on heroic search to succeed the crown. No only no king, but only Arthur. Together, play merits 4, because story come in handy to, and graphic art are handsome, although there be no sound. I'm hated really barren of mouse support in those play. There be but poisonous finger on screen.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Infocom


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