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Originally named ' deep sea diver ' , this little games is horizontal- scrolling shooter created from Briana Goble and copyright from Softdisk Publishing, renowned for their moon disks with minute animals, programs, reviews, and all that jazz materials.Although play graphic art simply too be badly off for its time, that succeed in lead over - ův delightful ' sensation and atmospheres. Play also gives variant of and his simple play gives some short - term merry entertainment.

You control diver which fires next diver and sea- monstra at finding treasures. Did you weaponry with a quick- akční harpoon which suits how do you needs more'n one shot to handle enemies, who include sea- hady, different sizes sharks, gigantic octopus, and gun - toting divers who creeping up from behind. There are also pits at the bottom sea which begin rise how do you approach they. Play has ten level and at the end every levels of there'll boss in waiting up to you.

There's a next material in play which look nice: conch which let airy bubble from, dinky, harmless fish that can be shot for extra articles, and treasure house which they may give you articles but can also be trap, wired with explosives. Articles also can be gained killing enemies and 10,000 articles are needed hereto, earn extra life. Some /every /no contact with staining- monster is fatal. After killing boss in, you continue by above rock with rank on that it serve as checkpoint. Piptonychia life gives you back to start of levels of.

Yet, all that is mentioned above come short of, to put those play positive mark because of several shady pages. Most important is air. ; diver has dull air supply and have to continuously lift extra air. There's a sort of time limit which making you continue moving ahead how opposed to simply waiting and killing for articles. Extra air discovers on a small boxing fall down above and you must lump it. It will always be seem after straight boss in and sometimes during levels of. From level becomes longer, you do not have enough to air to attained boss in without extra air which most of the time appear at furthermost point your divers can achieve with one air supply. This turns play on tight race which leaves almost any time for stopping and killing, perhaps except in first two level. Sometimes you will hustling forward piptonychia seconds only and lose one's life because air no - seem. Monster on the way present scarcely any- call appeal for, but if they stops you for second or two, you probably end dead. This becomes too often in later planishs and becomes irritating. Instead of buoy monsters, did you chasing air.

Supremo at the end every levels of always be others, that is of plus, but they all shelter same. Then, what are they seem, they woman direction at you, and then stop to fired. Uncared - for which boss inthat the you face, their burny design be like each other: lustrous quarters shift turning lines. Only discrepancy between boss in and regular monster is as though they fire away more bullets and demand more shot departure to be killed. Best ways to deal with them simply be to take distance at once and start shoot at them as fast as you can.

Next feature is as though levels of are almost completely randomly. Only thing, what isn't random is longitude levels of (which increases how do you acts) and straight boss in. Etceteras occur accidentally so you never know what expect, regardless of rank. This meansthat the in first - levelthat the you you may be attacked military divers and sharks, while in second level there only can be several snakes and octopus. This may be good or bad sometimes as you will finishes whole level killing of several sharks or escape several down. Nevertheless, sometimes, escape the pits they will last you for a moment and you will run air without any conflicts on the way. Most of the time you will continue by in give wide berth enemies from you do not have time to fight with them. This does do levels of another always, when you play to. If only would that bigger air supply...

You use space for fire and issue stuffing for movement. You may use cursor keys also, but cannot give a back seat two buttons like and right at the same time, on that account need for eight buttons on numpad for eight directions in play. Mostly you will print right, right- nahoru and right- dolů from you must be in a hurry. One good thing is that athat the rate of swelling shift transport is equal no shifting directly transport.

Play have to get lowest mark because of its shady pages: almost no sound (just a few will beep) and barren of graphic art. Aquaphobia always have got something offer, since, what it will probably be merry making for a while. S just a few small changes, like less stressful airy problems and more provocative monster, as well as some pre - ordered difficulty in level, play they will more well - balanced and so much better in spite of technical rents. At present, principal focus games slip instead of buoy and as though only abbreviates time you spend playing games.

Play is in French, but you don't need translation to sham.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Brian L. Goble


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