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Ancient Land of Ys Reviews

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Ancient country year from Falcom Nihon be released in the year 1989, and is the first in set seven video games, latest of which be released in the year 2003.

Ancient country ys is setting in region known as year. People ys were average wealth and live quiet. Long ago, peasant discovered precious metal later known as kureria at agriculture, and he shared wealth with his together - people. They became rich and successful, but this finished when acts of God destroyed provincial ys. A prophet said people , who cause calamities were to be kureria, so people taken all kureria, that they mined and sealed it in a cave turn on charm, snug by two stone statuary goddess of ys.

Time passed, and life in year returned normal. Nevertheless, bad magic Malificus stole Six bonds ys, books which contained secret kureria. Malificus conjured bad creatures to terrorize year, and put five six books to his most powerful servants. To be able to restore the peace year, you must knock down Malificus and his 5 servants and recover books.

Ancient country ys is 3. person upper real - time action RPG. ; sign is fencer which be charged with replacement ys peace, so you must find a way to talk to stop Malificus. On the way, you will meeting with many people who can give you search to bottle how do you way over a year.

Fight is relatively simple in ancient provincial ys. As soon as you get equipped sword, you only go into a place friend to assaulted it. Depend on how you approach your enemies finds out, ifthat the you withdraw from damage at fight. Therefore, that is best go into a place your enemies from behind or beside. To be able to reduce damage, that you take from enemy attack, you can equip shields and armour periods. Although equipment can be bought in town, inhabitants ys often talk of better arms and armour periods else. If you withdraw from damage, you can slowly renew HP position yet. This will work in the wilderness, cities, and in some prison levels, and requires specific to worked in other places.

How do you militate against monsters and full searchs, you obtain gold and experience. After amounting to quantitation experience, your sign will have more HP, act more damage in struggle, and sulk more damage. Every manslaughter, that you do automatically tack to your gold.

Beside arms, shields, and cavalry, you can find or buy extraordinary items to aid in your search. For example, wing allows you to get back to cities almost from anywhere in year, while mirror stops enemies temporarily, but can break after divers use. You can also buy healing dues which at once renews your HP, but you can only carry successively.

Dungeons are merry making to navigated and present quite quantity challenges. Faked walls, gib door, and teleportation statuary are few of lynxs dungeons found in play. Call appeal for not only lay in surmounting monster in cells, but also finding somebody's alleyway maze. Graphic art and music be good enough given to age games. Monster, NPCS, and landscapes be right- rich in detail, and simple yet appetising music does much to lead over mood games.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Nihon Falcom Corp.


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