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You wake up sensation fabulous. But also foreign, in some indefinable way. Slowly, how are you lying there on cool cover, that daybreak you as though you absolutely you do not have no image where did you. A guest bedroom, appearance that. But curtains pulled. You doesn't know in what cities - or even provincial.Then question ' WHERE JE?will change at the question ' WHO JSEM?it quaere without answerback. Your memory be an open book - with unprinted pages. You have you got NoName, any known address, no memory of friends or relative of lidínebo schools or jobs. You have you got... AMNESIA.

It's how Thomas M. Disch - ovo text play amnesia begin: you falsehood naked on hotel bed no remembrances at all. How do you trip up astir, your only thought is to discovered who and where did you. ; first imposition will do orderly checkout, no snap since, what do you was completely naked. To do things worse, did you instigation by train murderers. Why? You doesn't know. A I will not I won't say so have you. Subject games is, of course, reveal your own identity, but also stop hunt for your life. Conspiracy feeds with everyone movementthat the you do.

Play plane glass surface is very good. Being only text on black backcloth, it is important that the text be too rich in detail. And that is. Because I am not biggest fan these text plaies (I like look on handsome landscape and see all objects in play), I be surprised to discovered as though I'm was completely drawn into story games from point I'm strode from . Text really describes by any scene with pinpoint accuracy, and you will have no problem navigation through another scenes. Although you will want to eke out play from time to time. After all, did you instigation.

How extra premium, play accompanying much rich in detail STATUS description. Here you catch sight of what do you carry on the part of sums and money, your health status, where did you, day and time and in the end your score. Later be too handsome touch to play at divided into three another below- skupiny: score detective, character score, and survivor score a goal. These will heighten depending on your actions. If you conduct astir all of a sudden, did you survivor, if you look around and implore keep in mind things, did you detective, etc .. Your general score will sum these tří Dember effect. These subset also reflect that you can play game from other angle every time you sham.

To recap it: A 5+ score and biggest recommendation I can give. This play will hold you before cathode - raytube, whether you do you love text games or no!

Year of publication: 1986

Made by: Cognetics Corporation


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