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Amberstar is the first impressive adventure in unfinished trilogy German society Thalion. Second part of the trilogy wasn't will never released to PCthat the it is a pity. This play is gigantic and coloured, with graphic art drawings and music that is not perfect all the same does handsome work. There's a grande map (included among extras) you will need to look into and much place forthat the you visit before you reaches termination.


There were to be once black- haired boy named Tar, who live in small village named Forkbrook. He looked different from of other villagers. His phenomenon always landed him in difficulty, and he was compelled by other babies. Because of this, he spent most of his time alone, investigation gorgeous wood near village. One day, Tar left his home early in the morning to could go more deeply into the forest. He went all on morning, till then, than he attained land clearing he never saw before. At that moment, rain began foundry down, and was storm coming, so Tar inquired for canopy in a cave close to land clearing. Investigation as though zawn switched Tar - ovo life for ever. He ran home, and on his manner of, what he encountered some babies, that began tease him again. One of them felt strike him, but Tar felt growth energy and raise her hand to boyish chest. Next thing he seen was boy falsehood underfoot, his mouth replete blood.

This jarred many of villagers and they endeavour to do kill him, but Tar - ovo father take him to magic Latheoz. There, Tar became a locator dangerous knowledge and find his true demoniac nature. It's how Tarbos, mister chaos, arose, and country Lyramion had never before been in so can danger as it was then. Whacking evil in shape Tarbos threatened take sb. down a peg or two all life - form from faces country and lift extinct. Nevertheless, plans Tarbos will never did not come about. Whacking wizards country fecit artifact immense can - Amberstar. With it, and with assistance from royal daughterly Mylneh, wizards in the end succeed in trap Tarbos and eject him to third month along with all the other demons. Only way to set Tarbos without his third- moon prison they will to exercised counter- kouzlo inside fortified castle Godsbanethat the only might be intermediate using Amberstar, so Amberstar was divided into devil's dozen. Twelve companions have had one piece every, and Mylneh kept central piece.

Everything these state 1000 years ago, but not long ago, magician named Marmionův studied coils when bad lord's Tarbos succeed in occupy verification up to him and do contract with him. S Tarbos - ův by the help of, Marmion defeated paladin watching Godsbane, teleported himself into fortified castle and now prepares to has cast counter- kouzlo free Tarbos from third months... But there's a trust yet, because there's a hero who can stop bad Marmiona, and as though hero is you. Find devil's dozen Amberstar, go into a place fortified castle Godsbane and will knock down Marmiona!


Amberstar is classical impressive RPG. There are two modes in which the field can look into. First, 3D look, you encountering in town and next special seats, like tower, dungeons, homes etc . when you move in this mode, road map will painted, show you seats you have seen and seats you don't ... yet visitation. To leave this mode, you will have to achieve exit. There are any city in Lyramion, such as Twinlake (where you start), crystal, town Paladins and much more as though you will find on your waies. There are a few waies traveller: First - and easiest - is on the scent, but you need watch your step. You can also buy horse from stájínebo you can shipping fare - if you succeed in get 5000 gold pieces together. Nevertheless, best way traveller be by volant eagle or magic disk. There are also ninny - port winged gate everywhere overland.

Combat system:

Battles in Amberstar are veer- based.You arrange orchard orders your partymans and then press - ův turning ' key to performed you order. You can assault, repulse, use magic, run away etc .. If your conflict is a success, you obtain some experience articles and get prey. Characters:

You will begin with fable, whose attributes you can adapt your needs. Next characters will encounter during games, and you will have to find is first. At starting play, first thing you would be to do be rounded up side, because it won't be easy finish mission with only by two or by three characters. It's reason, why should you travel first, to be able to find some chums. victory conflicts and finish search, you will earn experience articles, that are needed hereto, call up your character level. Next thing you will need guard is food. Always check if you have you got orderly quantity foods up to you, especially while you travel across map.

Graphic art/music/play:

Graphic art isn't strong suit games, but there are some discrepancy between Amigaem and PC version - PC version has worse graphic art, but it is not much surprising. Music is atmospheric and does nice - looking work for play. Paid attention some airs you will hear in cells, as they are much appetising. Play, on the other side, be too transcendental, mouse be the only adjusting motion. Only poisonous thing is "clasp" report any time you crash into chair, desks and next thing, but you will get used to it.


Amberstar is gigantic, and if you make up one's mind sham to the end, that takes for a long time. Strong suit games is elbowroom as though you have you got. There are some poisonous things, but they'd didn't have trouble you too much and they may be easily unheeded.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Thalion Software


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