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To je vzácná věc aby viděla na počítači v nynější době, akční-zabalená platforma arkády která tvoří výzvu pro dokonce zkušené hráče a vyp


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If name such as Michael Crichton it seems at the beginning interactive adventure, that have to stand for something. OK, at the time, when I first I'm played this play on C64 I no - didn't hear about Crichtonovi and I'm wasn't wasn't so quite into text adventure, yet this looked cool, but will never really was be capable of sham too much (how pre - school baby - misunderstood I'm be enough English). Space back hereto play (although PC port) was a little horrible, because has expectation be high, but I'm wasn't disappointed.

Amazon is excellent piece interactive fiction. A play which really lets you through themselves. There is also any graphic artthat the are there for only effect, but they're handsome.

You even get into pick your name and have small conversation with computer sometimes, but most importantly you can choose one of three another setting problems.

Story is attractive enough to, although no most original one's (or perhaps yet that were back on a day). Expedition which go to the Amazon (so name) was to slaughtered and satellite picture shows foreign intruder be present at point massacre experimental camp. If this sounds familiar, implore keep in mind Crichtonův Congo (it does start much much similar it).

Play even features strains (most of inner speaker of), but they implore be how good quality how they returned then. Better then only peep and peep (especially if you run game in DOSBOX).

A minor question:

There's a small trouble with play though. If you wish buckler play will demand old elastic B drive, so unless you have it and can go into a place empty diskette into of what you will not be able to buckler. Even nepokuste about buckler, because play stops on that point and you will have to get out it hard way. So you will have to sham thorough in one aim (that is of drawback, but no because of play slip - up), if you are not able emulate B drive (or in reality have it).

ADJUSTMENT IN: Of our own much member Luchsen supplyed us sezipovaným set that shall solve this problem. You can find it how extra to play. Excellent working Luchsen!

Year of publication: 1984

Made by: Trillium


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