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Amazing Maze Reviews

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I have to will say I simply love maze, all kinds of mazes, so quite I'm has been interested in this play. Unfortunately it only made disillusion which much greater.

There are no maze.

You simply are you trying to move point through gut (there is no way get lost) which do gently resemble labyrinths.

Now once point begins move it'll be continue shift at that direction till then, than you move it some failing that ( by pressing cursor key). So if it hit wall will be here continue striking that till then, than you move it therefrom and do you really want do as though, because except loser points (as soon as you run out of those you drop play) you will have to listen much poisonous máloPEEP, that is the only sound play soever produces.

At least colours are normal to look on and nezhoří your eyes, but from games have about appeal lazy rockies course of his noon - hour there probably won't anything hold you from style games. Definitely in down!

Year of publication: 1983

Made by: Donovan W. Foster


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