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In the year 1992, 221B software development - no much known society - developed interesting play named Alcatraz. S some assistance from their editor, Infogrames, play was released to Ataria ST, Amigaa, and PC. First it be calculated for be continuation next Infogrames performance named surety: Life - saving mission, but in the end it be released how independent title.

US government declare war on dope trust run from Miguela Tardiez, Public Enemy #1. Tardiez is sewn on island Alcatrazovi, that were A "high - risk" zone from San Francisco earthquake in the year 1989. At present it is year 1996, and former prison is now head office Tardiez - ovo dope ring. Two gutsy aggressive members scratches, known as bird and fist, was choice, to infiltrate Alcatraza. Their mission is divided by three part: gathering evidence of punishable activities, destroying needle and paper money, and in the end, troll boss in trust. To hold mission how intimate as possible, helicopter will wait for ours commando, but only for two hours. It is time get into canoe and sail to island.

After introduction, bird and fist costs near canoe, equipped two - time bombs and some knife. First thing probably you will notice is split screen. Play only runs in two- player mode cooperative; even if you play to themselves, cathode - raytube will stay on scission. In this case, second commando in the end will killed soldiers trust. After that, next half screens only will display "end of play."

play steps can be culled by three styles, varying in perspective. Most of the time, play is play at side- scroller style. During these rungs, homesters heroes they need to get into outhouse which is placed, no intriguingly, in long way genuine end tender - loin. Enemy are walk around, look - out island. They all look similar, but carry another arms: bombshells, blaze- vrhačovénebo rifles. Fortunately, damage from anyone weapons attack can be avoidance of; you can run from series explosion garnet or ducks below bullet. Every weapon used soldiers trust can be scavenge for their deaths. Somewhere, you can hide your commando, so hold your eyes open to quoins, door and next overshadowed hiding place. Be hidden not only gives you chance to wait, as far as enemies exeunt but also making you invulnerable for that time. Last but not least, next advantage of being unseen is possibility of changes your friendly weapon, that you can do with fire button. At the end almost any parties- scrolling levels of, you run against gently bigger entrance. How mentioned before, play turns when you order one of these.

Inside outhouse, play shift to první - perspective men, and fission screens change from horizontal upright. Between the two cathode - raytubes is bar inventories, and at the bottom screens is map outhouse. Cathode - raytube inventories will not arrange you much information desk, but map do they really useful, how so shows common position your enemies. Except graphic designer, there are also significant difference in play mechanisms. Most important change is as though you cannot bend out bullets in these rungs - when you or your enemy fires, gooly lose no time "in creep" but go home as soon as they be released. Next characteristic element is that athat the quantity enemies will not heighten - if you kill all of them indoors, you you can feel safe. On your map you will notice as though some walls are coloured - these reflect door. When you go into a place rooms, you can find some enemies to slew or you can be capable of finish one of missionary aims.

How mentioned before, there is also third kind steps, but I leave it how astonishment.

It is time write any words about technical aspects games. Graphic art be clean and sharp so you should not have no problem discriminative what's Co. During side- scrolling level, scrolling is smooth and play allows you to move conversely (back on a day, much plaies permitted scrolling only in the direction of progress). První - perspective men isn't shown in the 3D; there are suppressor after every step, without any animation, and turning left or right always includes 90 stepped veer. Sound effects and music come in handy to; they are not disturbing. One strange thing is that athat the music play to only when you be in outhouse, will never during "outside" part mission.

To control play, you you only need to five keies - four cursor keys and of free place for tingle - if you are not using joystick. When you are not in outhouse, everything behave well and that is easy solve what's to be done. When you duck, you lift lowered arms; when it it is possible hide, press a key "caret " do so. During prvních - rungs men, you need to keep in mind to aim: when fire key is pressed, cursor keys allow you to point out your weapon in any other direction. If you run against more'n one enemy all of a sudden, that can be really difficult to get to from situation without bleeding.

Together, Alcatraz may be regarded as two separate games. To my mind, discrepancy between play- styly are as though big. I be truly a enjoyed playing side- scroller steps in which the you can hide or fight. Challenges change into from simple walking enemies, pincers and pits, and enemy have eyes only for in backcloth, that are impossible to slew. Ammunition had to be supplied often, and I could choose what kind of armsthat the I'm want to use - low latitude flame - thrower, silent knife - or only dangerous hand - to - hand fight. I could not feel safe, how enemy couldn't not only go on the part of screens, but also emerge from hiding place, jump from oknanebo simple step outside. Inside outhouse, all was another: enemy be shown on map, ammunition was to infinite, and I'm was we're had to walk around and check every place for entries require that completed purposes mission. Take my word for it, inside last outhouse really there are a lot of these. Rooms be often empty, but when they weren't really, that be hard to stay on healthy because of aiming system. This difference may be regarded as advantage - you get two sorts games in one’s performance - but to my mind první - steps men could would be done better, and that is reason for reduced general score. I'd give those play better rung, since, what it could was said to be ancestor of cellulate be subdivided into several lots turnings, but there are some scratches, so I give that only three.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: 221B Software Development


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