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, which did you commandant small space shuttle which does flight to inquiry big fishing manufacturing boats, when suddenly all your clash system, you lose control of the company, and be forced to alight on awild aneznámou planet. I know a story do not seem much original till now, but it get better much soon.

Did you pilot Tom Driscoll, and you have to prepare themselves for space shuttle flight. Short prologue will introduce you to sign Tom, as well as find out useful data about your mission.

Nevertheless, something has gone wrong while your sign slept: A crew - member do away with oneself. From mates and captain wants find out, what happened to, all ship's part was fire line except wrangler. Now you have to do your first Decision: You will go into your space shuttle and leave ship - or will you spy about, finds out something about assassination of, and discovers some useful entries? Your decision isn't decisive for the rest of games, but you will into - learn more about control first and how solve issues in play if you stay on board a ship. Also, some entries on board a ship will delay adventure much easier.

At all events, when you get down to space shuttle, you supply Rainer, scientist who should help you with some /every /no problem perhapsthat the would been to years. He is also much important and useful sign. After you crash, your first absolute impressions from hereon foreign world jungle soon will broken how does your space shuttle explodes.

After you come round, did you encompassment foreign but gorgeous Iskai ( creatures caths), who won't eat you - for the present. Through dexterous negotiation and good manners quickly you will earn propagate Iskai and fantastic way begins.

Albion is one of those RPGS for which I can only say next: If yet it's never come back playing of what then you doesn't know what good RPG is! It hasn't realist 3D graphic art or big character menu like modern games, but Albion does has it's own charm. Graphic art come in handy to 2D-oční perspective birds AND 3D first person perspective), strains differ and lead over whacking atmosphere, and operating controls are simple and easy to study / into - learn .

Buoy shew- based ( don't cry out), but despite much electron promotion. How on chessboard, you will have to move your characters and bring is into position. Also, you will have to respond to movements friend. There's a extensive line of arms you may use. Above all, there are short-range weapon like swords, axes and synopses, as well as long - range arms like bow, revolver (!) and crossbow. For it is RPG, there are of course also spell at your disposal. You can also choose among many sorts armour periods.

Next much positive point is quantity sums in play. Every sum hold office and appreciate. Always try out entries which you find in your adventures. Make surethat the withdraw from is with you if you thinkthat the they'd may be important - or sell is in to other marketer. Gold you get, you can buy new equipped for your characters. (I give you one tip: It does not help if you warehouse all your gold, because general a lot of sums your signs can carry have one's limits, and so they space in china closet and chests. Make money and cumulation new and better equipped for your characters. This does play easier.)

except armour periods and arms, you will have to buy food. Because your characters tired after only a few fights or long walkabouts, let them be at rest regularly.

Nevertheless, all these whacking things are not nothing to story alone. It features much (and I mean MANY) surprise and be too gripping. After several playing o'clock and getting engrossment action, simply you can't halt ! But watch. Play is long, and you will not don't end it in a few hours (it took me 2 for weeks). There are also any new astonishment and things to discovered if you sham several times.

Together, Albion is one of the best RPGS soever. A gripping tale, fabulous world, interesting characters, and very good strains and good graphic art will do this play something, what must have for some /every /no RPG - FAN, as well, like every other player. It merits clear 5, though I'd give it 10 if I could.

Year of publication: 1996

Made by: Blue Byte Software GmbH


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