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Fuzzbomb be at loose ends!

It's true child, somewhere in USA there's a Fuzzbomb and only one person can stop it. It's final great guy. It's hero so pure for analysis and, that get into carry white hat!

Play off course can be no other then legendary agent USA!

Conspiracy is simple. You travel USA net railway and implore take out Fuzzbomb. It's foreign things, that resemble TV, only with soft hair instead of normal picture. To be able to knock down Fuzzbomb you need directly come in thereinto stem crystal in your pocket (these is the only, what can stop police).

It does sound easy, but believe me, it is not!

Thing you start off by only 10 crystal and first you need to were growing is. In order to do as though you need to retrenched crystal at the station and tracethat it%%= growth. But look out for inglorious black hats. These are regular citizenry, who wish to get you crystal also, to could buckler themselves against police.

So have you need to knew that the soft hair be too infectious. If citizen concerning Fuzzboms he happen fuzzbody. Further on, every citizen which concerning fuzzbody unite in one. So police be spread be quick !

If you have you any crystal and are umbrage fuzzbody you will only drop several them. On the other side, if you have you no crystal, you turn into fuzzbody themselves. This be not over play though, because if you succeed in collect one of crystals, you will turn normal again.

But watch, Fuzzbomb is surrounded you fuzzbodies, so that is really hard to get at that with 100 needed crystal, especially from it is ceiling about them. Cannot carry more 100 crystals!

OK, now you know what need to be done, so how can you do that?

You start in accidental town station. Every state capital has display stand information desk and if you enter itthat the you will be able localize Fuzzbomb and sees, how police be spread. Then you need to bought permit and get how close to Fuzzbomb as possible silence - while, what be safe). If you do you see * beside cities you do you want to travel to, simply it means you will go impressive by train which is taking you there quicker, instead of of an old steam engine. But such single-level memory connection are perhaps only among big cities.

Seats be at large, so you may not worry about during short of cash.

You can jostle bullseye hats from krystalůnebo even jostle is on train (if you clean station will be here easy growth crystal).

Now do you know everything there's a to knew, so good luck to you, you will need it.

A as though play wasn't difficult enough to, you can start advanced play, where soft hair extends quicker and play is even rougher to played.

Together you supply about USA cities in those play (at least most of those, that have railway track run through is), at have plenty frustrating merry entertainment. Play is simply overburdensome completely enjoy it. Yet strains are quite good, but graphic art eye burn CGA graphic art. Always get work done though. But you can? You can stop police?

Year of publication: 1985

Made by: Tom Snyder Productions, Inc.


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