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This play originally be done for good of an old commodore 64, but about decennium later this was port PC DOS, that it seems somewhat foreign from by the year 1997 MS-DOS already was to pressure off by other operating systems. Silence Tony Baechler and Audrey De Lisle made very thing so gave us this handsome little C64 classical.

This play can only control two word instructions, so don't implore do sentences - it will not comprehend that. Also, for some reason, you need to wrote all instructions with big (BIG) letters.

Recap included be calculated for C64 version, but porting version be too faithful original, so you may use it regardless.

A now about story...

This play will teach you meaning read, heighten your imagination. Before you go to bed, you get bookthat the did you wanted read. Book isn't there very best condition, so page falls and you read alleyway on that. Read it and lets your thoughts flow.

Now did you in the heart Africa on your adventures and you need to find treasure king Salamon. Have you got what it is taking?

Play is text based adventure, so any graphic art here. Also are not no sound (so non set loudness).

African Adventure it be fairly short and with very low ability repetition, but it is not vain grants you he likes genre. Nevertheless, there are much better text games outside so play to this if you have already completed whole others which we offer in genre.

Year of publication: 1997

Made by: Tony Baechler


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