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Zeppelins byl docela neuvěřitelný vynález. Jak víte pravděpodobně, oni byli obrovské vzducholodi který byl většinou užívané pro osobní le


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Last I'm playedthat the Acheton was when I'm was 9 years old. My friend genius Thomasa upgraded from BBC microcomputers modelling B ("beeb") to Archimedesovi A3000 I I trust. From 5 1/4 inch elastic plaies don't work no more he had to part with his original ACHETON.

Acheton (will pronounce Ack - er - ton) is mine favourite text adventure of all time. Your adventure begins in wood near desolate estate, and after investigation some abandoned mine, you end fall down into a kind of shaft. Investigation shaft, you end at first main united in Acheton: ROOM PORTFOLIO. Play- zábavná cathode - raytube be more advanced than former games as are ADVENTURE. For example, roomthat the you be in ně presentation at top screens. Room portfolio includes stone on that is of notice - VZDÁ SE VEŠKERÁ NADĚJE, YE WHO ENTER HERE - fateful alert to even spicy text adventurer. Descend into zawn you start maze part adventure. Plane glass surface be fairly dull but no I wish two words.

For example you can write:





instead of GET you can write WITHDRAWAL or CARRY, also. To contain your entries, write INV (inventory), type LOOK to look around.

Counsel are available writing bear a hand. System allusion is graded, so you always relish riddle if you like. Dithering there be over 120 counsel, this gives you image quantity riddles there are solve. There are ways to die in play. First and most obvious is when you lift coat in cloak - room and trimmings get along pocket and eat you.

I like Acheton because descriptions be held short and to the point, but use visual, kinesthesis and auditory words really procurable your imagination going. It is a very descriptive and original play, atmospheric and interesting.

Year of publication: 1987

Made by: Topologika


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