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Tim Wisseman, a jeho bratr Kenneth spolupracoval aby udělal herního ' ochránce bostonu ' na začátku 90s. Hra je kombinace záhady, science


Abbey of Montglane, The Reviews

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Wrote and designed Art LaFrana and slack how shareware in the year 1993, also known for simply how Abbey, Abbey Montglane is one ghastly and enough to damned hard text Adventure or Interactive fiction.

You play to 14. century scholar dispatched pope renew that Treasures which be lost in fire which flattened Abbey.

One interesting lynx those games is be able to pick colour text. Though why anybody would he like pick black on black is behind me...

How sort of continuation LaFrana - ovo Hamptonského rule, there are a few refer to former play and that is solid piece medieval thriller, even if it does miss horrible much in character detachment, having but one NPC some /every /žádnédůležitosti for thegame, and some of the problem solving be but bizarre.

Conspiracy, nevertheless is satiation and well virtual out, all scratches off.One thing which any smart price English - speaker he's going to wrestle with (I tearing my hair out till then, than I reads next document about play) was verb ' PRY ' .

If did you American, you perhaps you do not have no business herewith.To rest of us, that does not mean ' look at' or any of the other usual synonyms, but ' swipe' or ' power open'. Using verb in later connection does do much sense, but it is not first thing majority of people would think of first. Or soever.

I except with spoiler, at sight author's name and meeting libraries.Play descriptions are fabulous - very good read. You will have to have good memory, also, how much challenge (especially direction towards the end of the play) demand not only logic and application but also much detailed investigation scenes gardens let-in note. I'm was had to trace up and refer to Walkthru hereto, to make advance in a few rungs. Prying off...

How with all Interactive fiction, that is good idea do map region you look into and hold several remarks for later legacy.

This play breaks usual convention for Interactive fiction and text Adventures at thatthat it%%= hasn't score. Assessment system be held achievement mens. There's a document for download which work up upon this as well as gives you small information on play, setting scenes. I advise read that before pickling on adventure.

Using HELP order from time to time is good idea remind you verb you can and would would had use.Play becomes basic in a way ' guess verb ' sometimes, that is of rather disillusion.

Don't let, no matter what it take off you though. This play well be written and, in spite of clumsy plane glass surface, absorbs and forms becomingly tight and horrible atmosphere. Later in play, riddle costs more complex and be more rewarding. However expectthat the die when you first encountering first, and only, NPC.

This is one of the most unique and frustrating Interactive games fiction I have ever played. I always ain't got completed it. But I want! And that is really what matter, how ??

Globally, I'd like put this play higher evaluation because of tasteful and deliberate conspiracy. It be but play motor, poverty of NPC'S and plane glass surface which leave about it down.

If you can live with by the following, though, I highly advise it some /to everyone /no fan Textu Adventures or for anyone who enjoyed in name Rose, DaVinci code or anything H P Lovecraftem or Aleister Crowley.

Imagery conjured is fantastic. Jigsaw becomingly hard (perhaps a little too hard at the time) and conspiracy, so I'm I have said, be overwhelming, development and maturing into thriller that shall hold you wonder more how so smoothing - out previous hooks and sparks detection which break - in openyour suspicion.

And that is, in mine book at least, much satiation.

Runs penalize in DosBox on some /every /no basis or simply how Windows practicable. I'm included Unixové files just in case anybody can lead over is into universal document format. I thinkthat the they're damage, so there's no Hint - booklet for this play, only Walkthru.

I thinkthat the remake those games is well earned, using better motor such as tramp outer space- ovo TADS (text Adventure system design) that is of found in Definitely worth view of, to my mind, though it it is one o'clock rude play.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Art LaFrana


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