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Hexen, celým názvem Hexen: Beyond Heretic, je počítačová akční hra, vydaná v roce 1995. Známá je jako jeden z klonů hry Doom. Hra běží na li


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Aaargh! There's a gigantic monster coming to broken homesters village in search of of those gigantic slices pizza and fruit we secretion...

Most plaies put you in role great guy, charging you with protection world, inquiry princes or other such honourable record. Little are plaies which appeal to you hereto, so that afford your most murderous and dark urge! It is a pity because given to chance to swap parties most plaies discussion possibility of. Only look on wrangler dungeons I and II. That was not really whacking strategy game, fight be enough dark and real mission felt like education directly to final levels further it is play much players look back on with whacking delicate love. Reason for only this may be as though for once did you get into cause some disfigurement and demolition for only absolute much it.

Fury of course was to mirthquake; I I don't know single player that does not evaluate it how good play. In my youth I'm inserted much lustrous coin into version arcade and boss it up when it appear for homecomputer. I always waste special lunch - hour chiming mine monstrous colleagues except outhouse. Like fury, Aaargh offers you chance to smash up things, eat people and generally act like gigantic monster. Are not much plaies about sate it urge, fury is obvious example, filming Monsters on C64 was next and excellent War Monsters on PS2 is latest instancethat the I came across. Everything of those plaies are much merry making and Aaargh be too.

Aaargh offers sort of 3d landscape that you can move about, allowing you to go to the screens as well as out rather than climb the up and down how in fury. Aim games is to destroyed all outhouse which allow you to act to the next level. You have a choice from two monsters, gigantic the bogey man and monitor chest of drawers. Both of them it seemsthat the will identical with terms ability so option be clean aesthetic. Both can strike criss - cross inclusive up and down and can also breathe fire, though this it seemsthat the takes for a moment finish off. How do you break outhouse terrified villagers they will pour out and disperse about screens. Chiming is allows you to snatch up is and eat is; you can also find food and gigantic egg inside outhouse. Eating anything supports your health which it's never bad thing. I had a like way, how some levels of show in gigantic statuary or each other monsters, perhaps in attempt at atone is which evidently hasn't processed.

While fury be enough easy, Aaargh isn't! Most mortal enemy you will face is sling. This throws rockies at you who can cause major damage and if you don't entertain with it enough to at once you will not will you take a long time. Rather plaguy you will try range themselves exactly get your stroke in and thing stroll around quite much making killing that quite difficult. As soon as it handle though you be fairly free to erase village quiet. Flying things, that can be hornet or bees gold assault you, how do a thing, what he looks like fire- sráčův gull but they come short of on good explosion flame. You can play to two player which be fairly merry making for a while but any match for fury if truth be said. It is worth playing 2 players even when you inhere how so give you better chance how enemy will rend their attacks between the two monsters and there not seem to be no extra attackers.

How evaluate this play? Well on the part of looks, that looks his age but everything be understood nor too heavy to the eye. PC Reproduktorové strains are irritating but as soon as you in reality get into gamesthat the they be fairly infrequent so it is not doomsday. It's provocative play, even spicy town stumper they will try act but for bash coffee break it be fairly merry making. Has that value of a game especially if you like genre and while it will not supplying fury on mine harddisk it is comical see how far you can get. One last point, play allows you three method check - ups; Keyboard, joystick or mouse. I'm quite be surprised to seen mouse option and after check - out keyboard option first quickly I'm was found mouse to be much more transcendental as soon as did you get at the bottom of that.

Though it can be possible to play DOSBOX I I'm didn't have no joy and had to run it in pure for analysis DOS, where it ran totally (Win98).

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Binary Design, Ltd.


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