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Woa ! Knew I'mthat it%%= wasn't easy to flew aircraft, but it be truly a hard! Even with handbook with difficulty was be capable of finish troll except. I should think so is reason, why I hate flying simulators (yes, I really I am doing).

Yet I I must say, that this is quite good silence - I ain't got like it, but I can see quality). Graphic art be all right and strains... (well well, I ain't she didn't say it is perfect). To control it you will need both keyboard and mouse (or joystick), that is of rather intricate at the time. You strain from check - ups cursor with genuine button mouses (so you control horizontal and vertical movement with mouse as well as, that serve as mouse).

To play game alone you will need to read instruction choicely and definitely have plenty training. Play offers you, so that duty full time Lufthansaův pilot or simply train it is one into embarkment feel safe enough to, to stopped wear parachutes).

Play will ask you to configure your flight plan. You will need entrance much details that have already she'll get at gates mission (of course, you train to was prepared for everything).

Option airports is goodish, so you will be able take off in many seats and country on by other airports, but expects too much changes landscapes. Only thing real changes among others airport are grassiness circumambient runway.

OKS, as soon as you prepare everything (adjusted in frequences young airport and aim and selection navigation point) it is time start troll. You will need to sped and get your gigantic airbus to runway first. Only then you can trust in good troll except (it is not as easy how so sounds - at least it wasn't for me, because I hate flight simulator, but I'm already saidthat the). Once in mid air don't forget to pull in alighting gear. You you may set gyropilot, but it will only be fly straight from how are you left operating controls (but it is OK if you be cock of your course come in handy to).

Fortunately you can speed up play rate of swelling, so you don't need to are last whole long age (it may be quite uneventful and blunt).

On touch - down you get into face round procedure troll except only, thatthat the now much more be in jeoprady. If something go lousy at troll except, people simply disemplane. If something keep wrong time right now, there's a grande chance no one will every mock except aircraft. Vychutnávejte responsibility (although I should think so is for only real flyer healthy nuclei).

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Thalion Software


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