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Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines je singleplayer realtimeová taktická strategie od španělské vývojářské společnosti Pyro studios. Ocitáte se ve


A Mind Forever Voyaging Reviews

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A deep and virtual- hornet - raising novel sci - fi in itself, mind for ever Voyaging, Steve Meretzky- ovo classical text adventure always engage some /of each of /of no new player which becomes strike at it. Unfortunately it got poor reception after his initial publication, but it has from come to be recognized as text play, and rose to legendary status.You play to how - ův normal boy in - ův normal Jižním Dakotě town.Nevertheless, you will find out as though you be in fact computer - computer simulation - ův normal boy in - ův normal town, designed government. Did you were be sent to decade into the future to see how new government programme works town and his inhabitant. Did you to followed town and return with recommendations at it, how change programme. How are you computer, you can remove themselves from malingering any time and peruse news and information desk in communications mode as well as control next PCs . in complex.

You in reality spend most games investigation cities and sighting changes rather than solve puzzle, but will not letting confuse, that be in fact quite fascinating, yet more'n much whacking novels. There are some excellent riddle near end of play, nevertheless so I appeal to you hereto, so that played all the way through. I be liable to say termination is most gripping and rewarding I have ever experienced.

Plane glass surface is nicely done: simple grey text on blue backcloth. A bar at top screens portrayals land - gamete date and time as well as which mode or placing currently did you v. Play is fairly large, inclusive skills look into of the whole town Rockvil; it be the first play of his genre to requested gigantic 128k memoirs to ran!

Together, I advise this play absolutely to everyone, no only text- adventure or fans sci - fi. It's absolutely attractive title and one of most distinct soever strike shelf. It quite merits his general allowance 5 from 5.

You will need use WinFrotz to be able to run this play in due form!

Year of publication: 1985

Made by: Infocom


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